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T-Shirt/Memory Quilts Workshop

Do you desire to make a quilt but wish that has special meaning for the individual receiving it? Well, this workshop focusing on memory quilts may be the perfect starting point for you. The workshop will focus specifically on t-shirts since they are the most popular but discussion of other options such as children’s clothes, men’s ties, photo transfers, et cetera will be touched upon. Participants will have a portion of the workshop to begin planning their memory quilt, having the opportunity to share their plan and request feedback

Over the span of the workshop participants will be learning a lot more than what they realize BUT they should have a firm understanding of the following basics by the end of the 3 hours of instruction:

  • Discuss different options for materials to be used in memory quilts.
  • Analyze the differences among stabilizers commonly used for knit fabrics.
  • List desirable construction techniques to allow for a better quilt.
Begin the planning stages for a desirable memory quilt.

Download Class Syllabus HERE
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T-Shirt/Memory Quilts Workshop

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